Saturday, March 30, 2013

Royal Magnum Icecream Launch

Product - Royal Magnum Icecream

Venue - The Hyatt Regency - Chennai

PR company - Edelman

The Royal Magnum ice cream launch at Chennai's Grand Hyatt was a brilliant success; the programme started a bit late, but then the great spread of snacks was enough to keep me occupied! Met lots of CFG friends for the first time - Fazil, Danny, Lalitha, Kamali, Sara.

The chef spoke patiently and Cary the host took over, there were a couple of kids who were the spotlight of the show answering honestly to the questions asked by the chef!

We were made to choose from chocolate nuggets and identify the origin of the same - Swiss, Belgian or French chocolate.

Then we were given the actual Royal Magnum classic flavoured icecream bar to eat - made in Thailand and priced at Rs 75. I am not someone who is that much into icecreams, I am more of a fresh fruit and flavoured wafer chap :)!

The icecream was rich and the Belgian chocolate made the experience divine!

Then we were asked to create sundaes of our own using 5 ingredients, a chocolate sauce and the Royal Magnum icecream bars!

We chose orange cake, pepper, mint instead of rosemary, kiwi fruits and chocolate sauce to make a delightful sundae, which we named Harry's Citrus Blast / Delight - dedicated to the original angry cop Dirty Harry - Clint Eastwood :)

An enjoyable experience - thank you CFG, Edelman and Royal Magnum :)

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I want to go to there!

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