Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Liebster Blog Award

I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award by blogger Gayathree Ganeshan. She has a way with words and I admire some of her poems! She has also written guest posts on some websites and is a singer as well!


Essentially one states 11 facts about oneself, answers 11 questions presented by the person who gives us the award; we then proceed to set up 11 eleven questions and pass it on to 11 other bloggers.

I have tagged people for quite some time, in the recent past at least three tag-posts to friends and bloggers and I have realized that not everyone has the time and patience to sit and answer questions posted by others. Plus a few bloggers by principle do not publish tag-posts. A few I have noticed readily publish and answer tag-posts initiated by others but choose to discard my questions without batting an eye-lid.

Hence this time around I am not selecting anyone - it is an open post; every blogger is special and every blogger deserves an award!

If you wish to accept the award feel free to answer my questions!

11 Things About Me:

Crazy about books, movies, Ilayaraja, The Beatles and dogs.

Aim to make a movie some day.

Believe that TASMAC should be banned and state-sponsored alcoholism should end.

I have played Brutus, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony in a play at school! From class 10 to class 12, every year I played a character! Brutus is my personal favourite :)

I find myself more comfortable in the company of four-legged friends and young children than adults!

I love cooking but for the life of me cannot roll out a perfect chappathi.

Curd Rice Rocks :)!

I analyse movies frame by frame scene by scene and usually pin-point which scene in a Tamil or Hindi movie has been lifted from which foreign movie - this drives my friends crazy!

I believe that rapists, child-molesters and men who physically and emotionally harass women deserve to be deported to an uninhabited island and left there to rot - cut away from all civilization.

I usually remain very calm and composed even during the craziest situations; but woe betide if you anger or rub me the wrong way - I promise I will hunt you down and make you pay!

I dream of a better tomorrow where merit gets precedence over what community I was born in or what religion I practise!

Q-n-A - Gayathree's questions and my answers:

1. If you were born a saint, what would your message to the society be?
2. How did you start blogging?
3. Why do you think modern poetry is not well-recognized in the world of literature?
4. If you are to become young again and shape your career afresh, what would you choose to be?
5. What is the first thing that you would do if you wake up to find yourself (alone) stranded in a uninhabited desert?
6. What is your take on water conservation?
7. If you are in a powerful position in the government or the UN, what would your reforms be on poverty alleviation?
8. If you are born to a terrorist father, can you keep the same composure and non-violence that exists in you now?
9. If you are secret agent who is appointed with a mission to find the root cause of terrorism, what will be the first thing you will accomplish?
10. What is your opinion on the sky being blue? (NON-SCIENTIFIC)
11. State one compliment and one criticism about me deserving this liebster blog award.

Believe that God exists in every living creature animal or human; respect every living creature!

Free time at work and the necessity to write!

Poetry does not deliver the thrill of a crime-novel; publishers need to create incentives for aspiring poets and promote them! Can a poetry book see the same fanfare as the release of a JK Rowling novel????

A monk in a Buddhist monastery!

Go back to sleep!

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink! Re-use waste-water, ensure that your offices and residences have rain-water harvesting resources!

Freeze all black-money accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, London, Monaco, etc. and use all that money to ensure that no one starves to death. Make it mandatory for every company having an annual turnover of Rs 1 crore or more to invest 1 % per crore of their turnover towards social awareness and food-sustainability and drinking water projects!

Terrorism does not only mean that you need to carry a gun and blow up people and places; any man who does not know how to treat his wife and children with respect is a terrorist! I have suffered and seen my mother and sister suffer and my only promise to myself every single day of my life has been - if and if I ever get married I will treat the lady whom I get married to with the same respect, love and admiration that I shower on my mother and sister. If I have children they shall be showered with affection and care and never be hurt physically or emotionally! Read Roald Dahl's - 'Danny the Champion of the World' and I wish to be like Danny's dad for my kids!

Freeze all suspected money-laundering accounts! Ensure that all state and central intelligence services and the police-forces come under one unified command. Initiate a Zero Dark Thirty like operation to flush out Dawood Ibrahim. Zero-tolerance to veiled attacks on us by Pakistan and Bangladesh. Focus with the central and state governments to make the Northeastern states of India secure, as China is slowly brain-washing the people by supporting insurgents there!

Because the Lord decided that whenever you have the 'blues' just look up at the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars and thank God that these are free; smile and face every problem as it comes.

The poems are a big plus :) Nothing negative to say :) You can only improve and be a better blogger and writer :) Keep smiling, keep blogging :)!

11 questions for those who choose to answer:

Can a man and a woman just remain friends?

What ails Indian television?

If you could dedicate two hours every month to a social cause of your choice - what would that social cause be?

If someone offered to kill someone for you - no questions asked - who would you choose to be 'bumped-off' and why?

Did you cast your electoral vote?

Will you be ready to contest the elections as an independent candidate?

If God exists, why would so much of unrest and chaos still exist? Your thoughts on this!

Who are the most under-rated actors / actresses in Indian cinema!

Does another dimension of time exist? Are there parallel worlds existing on this planet that we call earth?

If you were just allowed to keep one book with you; which book would you choose?

Sometimes one tight slap works wonders instead of an hour of talking! Your thoughts on this statement!


gayathree said...

It was a pleasure reading about you and your answers to the questions were just mind-boggling. Thank you Mahesh ji for graciously accepting the liebster award and patiently answering my questions.

Ashwini C N said...

Nice reading things about you Mahesh. The respect that I have for you goes a step higher :-)

mahesh said...

Thanks Ashwini and Gayathree :)

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