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The Writer's Dilemma

In this tag, the first participant would write the first scene of a love story. The second participant would continue the story. Likewise, 21 participants would write one scene each. It’s basically a love story with 21 chapters, each scene written by different participants. Here is the link for previous scene in this CBC Valentine’s Day

The Writer's Dilemma

It all started with a wonderful post by Bragadeesh! There was a mention of a tablog and my curiosity was piqued! I never learnt of my involvement in the whole scheme of things till Bragadeesh confirmed that I was supposed to write a chapter in the CBC Valentine's Day Tablog as well.

Since then it has been a wonderful experience reading the posts of people from various walks of life in different countries! Interesting conversations with some writers - forging the first foundations of some friendships, which I hope will last a lifetime!

My confusion started with Sowmya's post and the chandeliers falling and the bomb explosion ripping the cafe! Then VJ Eshwar created a brilliant diversion inspired by Viswaroopam! As plot after plot, twist after twist happened - Sivaranjini crafted a swift transition of the plot to Chennai and things were favourable for a super carry-forward of the narrative!

To once again complicate this tale of love Vishnu Vardhan set up a hospital scene with Ahalya battling for her life. I have read the chapter at least five times but I am still not able to get it how Ahalya landed up in the hospital - accident / suicide / life-threatening pre-existing illness? Too many questions!

Now lies in my hands the tough of task of deciding who lives and who dies! There is a strange sense of dread on what to do as one is sure to receive brick-bats and the rare bouquet for what one decides to do with a tale that is being viewed with such interest! So what shall I do, how do I continue this tale... As I travelled all over Chennai yesterday with a few members of the CBC gang - my mind was in constant turmoil - what to do, who dies, who lives...!

At Beasant Nagar Beach, I saw two newly married couples and that gave my answer to this complicated conundrum!

Mangalyam tantunanena mama jeevana hetuna: kanthe badhnami subhage twam jeeva sarada satam !
“This is a sacred thread. This is essential for my long life. I tie this around your neck O maiden having many auspicious attributes. May you live happily for a hundred years (with me).”

Getimellam!Getimellam - "Thaaliya kettungo" "Periyava yellam akshadaiya podungo"
Tie the sacred thread; elders bless the couples by showering the akshadai on the couple!

As I tied the thread around Ahalya's neck; she smiled at me; the smile that had melted my heart a few months back! It seems like an eternity after all we went through! The bomb explosion in Sweden, the mad-rush of hacking into complicated network protocols, preventing more deaths, meeting Ahalya's dad who had a mysterious past, chance encounter with Geetha on the flight, childish jealousy of Ahalya, ego-tantrums, the wait at EA mall; the phone-call that forced me to rush to the hospital, where I found Ahalya battling for her life. The doctors operating on her and she was declared to be out of danger. These scenes rushed past me like a Christopher Nolan movie in fast-forward!

At the adjoining mandapam Varun and Geetha were all smiles!

I looked at Ahalya, and Ahalya said to me "Guru, nanbavey mudiyalai le?" - "Unbelievable isn't it Guru". I nodded at her and said “Never ever leave me again.”

That's how I choose to complete my chapter!

Because I believe in a simple truth - "True love is hard to come by in real life, everyone has their fair share of heart-breaks; but never ever think that your love failed, perhaps the person whom we choose to shower our affections on - might have been a wrong choice by us! But the purity of one's love is never lost!

For someone somewhere is waiting for you! As perhaps, I believe that someone somewhere is waiting for me as well!

The next chapter in the tablog will be written by Karpagam Pugalendi. She blogs here - She writes fiction and poems and is an ardent dog-lover with a lovely Lhasa Apso; pups and an affectionate Indian mongrel!


Deepa Iyer said...

sooper. I am glad for this! Thanks for making this a love story and somehow the mangalyam thanuna.. reminded me of alaipayuthey :D

Sivaranjini Balasubramanian said...

Superrrrr Mahesh Iyer...!!! you summarised everything together...!!! brilliant take on the story...!!! 1000000000000000000000 likeyyyyy likesss ...!!!!

Thanks for mentioning my name :D

Susan Deborah said...

Where is the chapter? I see only a paragraph!

What will Karpagam do now? Will the others have only flashbacks now?

Still scratching my small head.

Joy always,

Prashanth Ashok said...

Awesome Mahesh :) Heaving a comfortable breath

mahesh said...

Thanks Deepa, Sivaranjini, Susan and Prashanth!

Susan - I made this short and crisp on purpose :)

Small joys of life :) let those who love each other live happily ever after in fiction; at least!

Deepa - Yes the Alai Payudhey effect was intended! Glad you caught it :) Great minds think alike nnu sollalama :)

Sivaranjini - Your decision to move the story to Chennai - changed my original plot path :) Please do blog regularly :)

Thanks - Pashanth take a deep breath :)

Harikrishna said...

Haapppa! Atlast konjam breath pana vachingale :) :D

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