Monday, January 29, 2007

A Challenge for Saravana Stores?

People living in North India are familiar with Big-Bazaar and the various services offered by the retail chain. January 26-28, saw a major traffic problem near the Vadapalani bus-stand. The reason-The three-day special price sale offered by Big-Bazaar. A whole range of products offered under one roof.

I visited the place on Jan 27, and I got the shock of my life, the place was jam-packed with people trying to get a good deal for their money. I guess this is how the retail chains like Wal-Mart generate mass hysteria among American shoppers with their unbelievable offers. Big-Bazaar has been open for quite some time in Chennai, but they embarked on an aggressive ad-campaign from mid January 2007 and have managed to give Saravana Stores a run for their money.

Three trousers for Rs 597, Four formal shirts for Rs 999, DVD players for Rs 1800, 21 inch television sets for Rs 7000, microwave ovens for Rs 2200, mobile phones starting from Rs 999 the list goes on. The crowds just went crazy and I believe that the three days would have generated business close to Rs 1.5 crores, if not more than that.

The billing section needs to be revamped, with each section having its own counter, the present system of having all the billing counters at the exit is not a good idea. I had to wait for an hour and a half to complete my payment and leave the shopping centre. Big-Bazaar, has strted on a strong note and opening more outlets in other parts of the city and suburbs like Avadi, Tambaram, Thiruvotriyur, would be a good idea.

The Chennaite's fascination for Mambalam and Ranganathan street and Spencer's Plaza is bound to change with companies like Reliance and Bharti-Wal-Mart, entering the Retail segment. This year will see more malls coming up, let us wait and watch, I guess the middle-class would be the happiest as they have more options and will get more value for their money.

It is Happy Shopping for the middle-class, husbands beware take care of your wallets.

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Aswin said...

Good post buddy! Well, you forgot to mention that it's infact Sunil Mittal's Bharti company that has tied up with Walmart to provide goods at affordable prices. Reliance has also jumped in to the market and is giving all other vendors a run for their money.

Hopefully, we would benefit due to reduction of prices of provisional materials. This would be a welcome boost for an economy that is reeling due to the rocketing prices of Real Estate, Gold, and costs of neccessary goods.

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