Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The Noida Tragedy

2006 has brought to light a tragedy in Noida that has taken the nation by storm. Skeletons were discovered buried inside the backyard of a house and the drainage beside the house. As investigations continue it is believed that businessman Moninder Singh Pandher and his servant Surender are responsible for the deaths of about 36 children, both boys and girls who were first brutally raped and then killed.

The people of Nithari village have gone on a rampage and the police were shown beating the angry parents. This shows the apathy of the police towards the public. Can the police dream of beating the wife of the CEO of Adobe India, whose son was rescued after a kidnap-drama. Different yardsticks for measuring people from different strata of society.

As more shocking news is being leaked out to the media, there are suspicions of an organ-racket as the skeletons that have been recovered show missing torsos. The mystery is deepening and bitter truths are going to come out.

These criminals have to be hanged or better still they should be presented to the parents of the poor dead children who should stone these people to death.

If the law is allowed to take its course these people might get released saying that they are lunatics and get admitted to some asylum to escape from the death sentence.

These manic paedophiles should be hanged.

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