Monday, January 08, 2007

That Sinking feeling again-Indian cricket team flatters to deceive, yet again

At the end of India's first innings, in the final test, I felt that India had a good chance to win the test and the series and create a new record. Unfortunately India lost the match and could only score a measly 169 in its second innings.

I still do not understand why the batting order was changed once again when Jaffer and Karthik put on a solid display of batting in the first innings. Sehwag at the top of the order has consistently failed in this series and he is having a negative effect on the batting of the other players. One more thing why was Munaf picked for the final test, John Gloster will have to answer some bitter questions to the BCCI for giving a clean chit to Munaf, who was limping like a granny through most of the match.

Sreesanth, Zaheer and Ganguly have cemented their place in the team with good performances and I feel Dada should be a part of India's World Cup plans. Drop Sehwag bring in Uthappa and make Karthik play as a batsman along with Dhoni as the keeper or vice-versa, but both of them should be a part of the squad as it adds depth to the disappointing batting line-up.

The umpiring was horrible with Munaf getting out on the SEVENTH ball of an over, plus some very awkward and bad decisions with respect to Kartik, Dravid and Sachin.

Let bygones be bygones and may the Indian team win the upcoming series.

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Sportingo said...

Greetings -- you seem to be voicing the disappointment of many Indian cricket fans. Would you be interested in publishing some articles on the subject?

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