Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Pongal

It was a simple celebration, to thank the Sun-God and seek his blessings for the coming year. Mother prepared Ven Pongal and Chakarrai Pongal and after the rituals we had a late breakfast of pongal.

T.V. rules all celebrations and public holidays and Pongal was no different. The various channels were and are fighting tooth and nail by airing some of the biggest blockbusters of last year. Some of the movies on show include-Autograph, Anniyan, Pattiyal, Vanakkam Thalaiva. I was glued to Autograph and after failing to see the movie in a theatre or on dvd, I finally saw the whole movie. The advertisements mar the tempo of the movie an ad-break of around 10 minutes after 25 minutes of a movie is a crime which all viewers have to face. I guess Sun TV will launch Movie on Demand and only then we will escape from the torture of the advertisers.

So folks hope all of you had a gala time celebrating Pongal, bye for now.

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