Thursday, June 19, 2008

India has to wake up from its self-confident slumber and realize that it can be attacked by China at any moment. Time and again the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army has been making incursions into Indian territory, starting with Arunachal Pradesh and now Sikkim. China's claim over the area referred to as the "Finger Area," is giving the Ministry of Defence and the External Affairs sleepless nights.

We have fought three major wars; two against Pakistan that we won and the 1961 war against China that we lost. If China were to launch a full scale war against India today; what would be India's chances of winning the war? Intelligence briefs state that China has fifty nuclear missile launch sites in the Mergui Archipelago. They have also built docking and refuelling sites for their nuclear submarines. In the event of a nuclear attack; we do not stand a chance. Even if the watchdog of global democracy-Big Brother Uncle Sam decides to help India by the time the American forces arrive from their naval bases in the Middle East, the damage would have been done.

Defence chiefs giving interviews to the media and creating noises about startegic air defence and space attack programs may sound great, but how well equipped are we to face the enemy; any enemy for that matter!

The presence and strength of the Indian Navy should be stronger, we need to monitor the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal carefully, the Arabian Sea has always been secure with the constant Coastguard and Customs patrol boats. It is the Indian Ocean with its umpteen islands and atolls that is a cause of concern and worry.

The actions of the Chinese in the coming weeks and at the end of the Bejing Olympics will bring out a clearer picture.

Let us wait and watch.

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