Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 22, 2008, will prove to be a landmark in the history of Indian politics. Either the Congress will lose the no confidence motion and the nuclear deal with the U.S. might fail or the Left and the BJP will come out trumps.
If the Congress manages to pull a last moment upset and touch the magic figure of 272; I guess the Left will really see red :). If the Congress loses well the country will see an early election and in all due probability an alliance between the BJP and the Left will emerge. The common man is going to feel the pinch either way. The rising prices of essential commodities, increasing rate of inflation, frequent power cuts, the middle class is going to bear the brunt of the problems.
Personally I am against the nuclear deal in its current form, am not sure what is going to happen.
Lets wait if the Congress and its allies can score 272.
The latest update is that the asking rate of MPs whom the Congress needs badly has gone up to Rs 100 crore.
Damn man! I should have quit my studies and joined some political party!

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