Friday, July 25, 2008

Life goes on in all its beauty, anger, and frustrations. The clock ticks as I keep delaying, and wait for an opportune moment. Sometimes I feel life is just too complicated. I wish I were a bird and I could leave the ugly trappings of forced duties and fly away to a distant land. Alas! life is no dream, once a human, always a human, and as humans we are all supposed to perform our duties.
I wonder when I am going to learn to write with just one central idea. It is something that my English teachers have been stressing on since fourth standard; unless its fiction that I am writing, I very conveniently muddle my thoughts and present a mish-mash of stuff.
At the moment I do not understand why I typed that paragraph in this post.
Another farewell, another goodbye, another separation, life does seem to be cruel sometimes.
The joy of love and life is to wait, to trust, and to have faith in the ones you love and admire.
Kissi din mera number bhi aayega!

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