Wednesday, July 23, 2008

S for Singh, K for King, V for Victory
The no confidence vote at the Lok Sabha went on like a gripping suspense thriller. There was intense drama as mud slinging amongst politicians continued, allegations and threats, disruption of Rahul Gandhi's speech, and the climax three MPs bringing money and showing it to the Speaker, accusing the Samajwadi Party of bribing them. All the elements of a masala flick; and the end result-"Singh is King" The UPA won the no-confidence vote by securing 275 votes. The NDA, the Left, and its allies could garner only 256 votes.
The UPA might have won the no confidence motion and stayed in power, but the allegation of horse trading. The claims of ibnlive that MPs accepting bribes had been videotaped, and the tapes had been submitted to the Speaker Mr. Somnath Chatterjee, makes one lose faith in the institution of democracy and our politicians. The timing of the announcement of the green signal to go ahead with the Sethusamudram Project is a clear sign of "I am happy, you are happy, all of us are happy." {"Let the common enemy cry."
The UPA has lost the trust of the common man.
The policies that will be initiated in the coming months with the elections in mind might garner them a few votes, but it remains to be seen if the UPA will win the next elections.

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