Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back in Business.....

So folks after much deliberation various permutations and combinations; I accepted an offer and joined another company.

First Impressions:

There is one huge floor where close to 400 people work. There are various teams dealing with different clients and business verticals. To my untrained eye it appears that every fifth person is a manager here!

By the way my new designation is that of a content writer. From Instructional design to Copy editing and now Content writing it has been a hectic journey. Hope things work out well. The office is on the tenth floor of an architectural wonder. The property is sea-facing and I have a marvellous view of the beach and the sea from where I sit.

The team that I have joined is one of the smallest ones in the company and is close-knit. we have a wonderful manager; just think third day at work and I get invited to a team lunch:)

I am in charge of a Web site and have to manage all content that goes into it.
I pray to God to give me patience, strength, and enthusiasm to do a good job.

Wish me luck:)


Aswin Kini said...

Congrats on your new job da, you will certainly have a great time here. Man! You have moved seamlessly from being an Instructional Designer to a Copy Editor and now to that of a Content Writer. SO many changes just within a span of two and a half years. Hope your tenure at this organization turns out to be a very fruitfull one. Wishing ya all the very best. Take care. Keep rocking

raja said...

hi pal,
Wishes for ur new job. Get going. but i dint know the name of the company u joined. may be u wouldn't like to reveal it in ur blog. anyways best wishes .

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