Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Three days more

Three days more to go.......


I am leaving my job. Do not know what I am going to do next:) Caught you there right:) I am not telling you where I am joining. There are spies everywhere:)


Jokes apart 18 months is a pretty long time. Met some interesting people, made some good friends, met some really quirky/crazy/strange characters.


Got a digital camera, got a portable music player, moved to a large and spacious house closer to the city. Worked in the night shifts. Missed two Diwalis because of work.


I have lots more to write, but I guess it has to be at some other time.


It was fun working here. I am carrying some memories from this place and hope that I have left a lasting impression on the minds of the people with whom I worked.


It is time to prepare to say goodbye!


So wait for the final farewell!

1 comment:

raja said...

hi pal,
nice talking to u. just keepin touch and update ur blog, so we can keep track of u. no goodbye's as friends never tell it.

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