Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last week there was a conversation about motherhood. An elderly person whom I know spoke about his mother the sacrifices she had made and the problems she faced to raise him and his brothers.

The following is a summary of his thoughts on "Mother."

As a young bride she undergoes pain so that you take shape as a seed of life in her womb. She undergoes pain as you grow in her womb. She has to undergo severe restrictions on diet and change her lifestyle so that you come in to this world safe and sound.

During delivery even when the pain becomes unbearable her only worry is about you her loving baby. Once you are born, every single demand that you have is met by her, when she feeds you milk and you bite her breast, she ignores the pain that you inflict on her and she continues to feed you.

She ensures that you get the best of everything possible and you grow to be responsible adults.

Think of all the sacrifices that she makes. Never let her feel sad; never ever let her feel alone and depressed. You are a young man now, probably you are in love, or maybe you might have an arranged marriage. Remember young man never ever let your feelings for your wife become an obstacle to fulfill your duties to your mother.

Think on what I said and be a responsible son and in the future a dutiful husband and father.

At the end of his emotional outburst I just nodded my head and remained silent. My cousin and his friend were silent and continued to eat their dinner.

I looked up at the clear moonlit sky and prayed " Dear God! I hope I can play my role to perfection and keep everyone happy."

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