Friday, April 16, 2010

CSK lose to Daredevils

CSK lost to Delhi Daredevils after an absolutely dismal batting performance.
This means that CSK need to win their final match by a comfortable margin to ensure a semi-final place.

Let us see what happens!

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Tornado said...

Dude, the top, active players just go through their motions as far as IPL is concerned. That is obvious when you see their returns/form. When it comes to the big stage (come World 20/20 for example), it may change drastically, i.e., the form book will change inside out.

As for other IPL news, it is really shameful that the lameduck and spineless PM going by the name of MMS has yet to (of course, we can only expect him to do so) sack Shashi Tharoor who had the temerity to seek, and get too, a free stake (worth close to Rs. 100 crore) for his girlfriend in the Kochi team; worse, he even sent his OSD (officer on special duty) to the recent IPL auction for selecting two new teams. It was a clear and classic case of misusing his official position and getting away scot-free coolly. There are lots of things that he can do (and should have done by this time) as an MoS for External Affairs. For example, has he spoken anything about the recent death sentence given to some Indians in the UAE in connection with a murder case? All we have seen from him is just senseless blogging or the so-called tweeting plus of course his dating of a Kashmiri and enabling her get a free stake in an IPL team without sweating a drop.

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