Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kailash Parbat-Restaurant Review

Kailash Parbat is a famous chain of restaurants from Mumbai. It has made its entry in Chennai courtesy the Oriental Cuisine, which runs The French Loaf, Wang's Kitchen, Planet Yumm, among many other famous restaurants.

My friends from Mumbai always raved about this place and I was planning to visit this place for some time now. Today I thought OK lets go check this place out. I reached the restaurant at about 1:15 PM the place is located near Lady Andal School on Harrington Road in Chetpet above The French Loaf. Spacious restaurant with lots of glass decor, natural light and courteous attendants dressed in chocolate brown shirts.

The restaurant had about 10 people dining in it, may be the crowds come in for dinner and on weekends! The waiter asked me if I wanted a bottle of mineral water? I said I was OK with the normal water from the purifier:) The menu card was detailed, well-designed and without any visible spelling errors.

Everything is priced slightly on the higher side. I settled for a Shaad Manna Thali.

The thali arrived in ten minutes. The contents:

One huge gulab jamun.
Two chappatis (big)
One paneer dish (gravy)
One potato-okra curry
One curry that was a mixture of cabbabge and mashed chappatis.
A sambar like concoction with okra, potatoes and drum-stick.
A bowl of white steamed Basmati Rice
A bowl of vegetable pulao (Basmati Rice)
Two small pakodas made of besan and onions
One pappad.
One slice of carrot and one slice of cucumber.
One glass of spiced-tangy buttermilk.

The price on the menu card - Rs. 160.
Price on the bill plus taxes - Rs. 171.

The food was good but not great. Just a slice of cucumber and carrot does not do justice to a salad. The sambar was sweet. The gulab jamun was simply out-of-this-world, neither too syrupy and soft nor hard, just perfect. The pakodas were great and the paneer dish was usual stuff not a match for the ones served at Punjabi Dhabha.

Overall Rating-4 out of 5 . The staff are courteous and polite and ask you before taking the plates away. I guess the chaats are the big sellers that need to be tasted once. But paying Rs 70 odd for chaats when Gangotri or Sweet Corner or the other small shops provide tasty ones for Rs. 20 to Rs. 25 is a bit too much. Well ambience and brand value command a premium price :)

So if you want to catch up with old friends have a filling meal, or need a cosy get-together with your girl-friend/boy-friend and enjoy contemporary Hindi Music-Kailash Parbat is the place for you.

Carry enough cash or have a couple of credit cards and enjoy your meal.

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