Saturday, April 03, 2010

Marriage News

Well the horoscopes were fine!
The girl and the boy were OK with each other!
The girl's dad did not like the boy!
So the story continues.....

The game is afoot!


Tornado said...

Nothing to lose heart, dude. Interestingly, the girl's father turned out to be the villain of the piece. Anyhow, you've only had a great start - just that the "match" was lost coz of some dubious umpiring if I can say so using cricketing parlance. Keep trying. Take inspiration from yesterday's heart-breaking loss suffered by Rajasthan Royals (though I'm no big fan of IPL). Have a peaceful and calm weekend.

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Well, all in good time... arranged marriages are a big deal, the person meant for you will come along.

mahesh said...

Let us hope for the best!

Aswin Kini said...

Maybe, the girl's father was an idiot or perhaps, his mind got screwed up on that particular day? Don't worry buddy, there is a BIG WORLD out there? Maybe your GIRL is still out there somewhere waiting for you. Keep searching!

mahesh said...

Aswin let us wait and watch!

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