Saturday, April 10, 2010

My latest Acquisition

Folks after lots of saving up and planning I have bought a netbook. The HP Mini 210
I am posting this topic from it.

Still need to learn a lot about using this netbook. Its loaded with features.


Siva said...
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mahesh said...

Language my friend language!
A netbook also called as a mini laptop is a compact laptop also known as a notebook that comes without an optical drive.

mahesh said...

Screensize is 10.2 inches or lesser.

Vishwa said...

Hey Mahesh! Congrats on your netbook! Last year this time we worked together in consim. Now my MBA is also finished!! Missin those fun days...

mahesh said...

Hi Vishwa,

How are you man?
No news from you for a long time. Is placement over?
Are you joining some place or going to take care of your dad's business.

Please enable access to your blog.

All the best!

Two of my dvds are still with you :)


Tornado said...

Dude, maybe, he would have used such a "language" in a lighter vein; else, u were right in ticking him off!!! Btw, itz great to have such a possession and I hope u don't feel the absence of an optical drive. Was it customized before you bought?What was the final cost?

mahesh said...

Now the mystery of the Tornado continues!
Rajesh is this you?


mahesh said...

Cost about 18000. No special customizations.

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