Thursday, January 22, 2009


This was a novel that I picked up on the pavement. It is by Magdalen Nabb. I had never heard of this writer before and it was the book's title that attracted me to it. The price was Rs 20.(Used Book).

This is a series of books set in Florence and Marshall Guarnaccia is an inspector who investigates mysteries. In this novel he investigates the death of a Dutch goldsmith. It appears to be a case of suicide, but slowly clues and a list of suspects appear.

The book is slow in its pace and intensity. There is a good description of the city of Florence and some of its landmarks. Who murdered the Dutchman?

Read the book to find the answer.

A decent book but this will not appeal to readers of fast-paced thrillers.
I need to check if I can get other books in the series for the same price.

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