Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nagesh-A Legend-Emperor of Comedy-No More

Nagesh is no more! I stopped looking at the news and started typing this post. At the moment I am at a loss of words to describe the immense joy and happiness he used to bring to viewers and the feeling of intense. Shivaji, MGR, Kaml, and Rajni are superstars but one man who defied all their stardom and acted with all of them leaving his own special charm-Nagesh.

There was a period when no Tamil movie would be made without Nagesh. Clean comedy, natural slapstick and buffoonery. He formed a great on-screen pair with Manorama. The two gave many memorable hits together.

An unforgettable role was of Dharmi in Thiruvalayadal. Other hits were given by him as a solo hero in "Server Sundaram" and "Ethir Neechal."

A longer post is on its way soon.

At the moment al I can say is-"Continue to delight angels in heaven."

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