Tuesday, January 06, 2009


A friend sent me the songs of this movie and after listening to them I am thoroughly lost in thought. Bala has always been a director who has given meaningful cinema and the songs in his movies have always been chart-toppers-be it Sethu, Nanda, or Pithamagan.

This album is definitely not going to sell like hot cakes. The reasons being it does not have foot-tapping disco-themed songs, songs with hip-hop rap and ridiculously written songs that sound more foreign than Tamil, electronically reengineered melodies picturised in Europe, item-song with lewd lyrics during which the camera focusses on the assets of the heroine/item-girl.

All said and done I definitely am going to buy the original music CD because the album is one of its kind. A movie which has a dark theme about crime blending with spirituality cannot definitely have melodious extravagances. This album has six songs all with a bhajan-type feel.

Three songs continue to play in mind. Om Siva Om is a proper hymn. Oru Kaatril Alai reminds one of Kannadasan's philosophical songs of a bygone era. Pichaipaathiram is a plea for alms which is most likely to be picturised on Pooja who plays the role of a beggar.

Music is by Ilayaraja, songs have been sung by Madhu Balakrishnan, Sadhana Sargam, Vijay Prakash,Ilayaraja and others. Lyrics are by Vaali.

Thanks to Dr. Vijay for providing information. The lyrics for Pichaipaathiram have been written by Ilayaraja.

Look at his comment for further information.

Thanks Doc!


Dr J Vijay Venkatraman said...

Hi Mahesh,

The lyricist of the song 'Pitchaippaatthiram' is Ilaiyaraaja. He wrote it for His devotional album 'Ramanamaalai' a decade ago. It has been re-used in this album, at the request of Bala, with slight modification in lyrics to remove the reference to Ramanar.

Yours Always Musically,

vincimax said...

Thank you Doctor JV.
I will make the change.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

I am totally with you on paragraph two, very rarely do you come across good movies/ movie soundtracks these days. I miss those good old days, when I used to watch TCM, those old movies were beautiful.

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