Monday, January 05, 2009


The sea remains tranquil.
As I stare out of my window,
With nothing to show,
For my week's of solitude,
In trying to create my masterpiece-
Which keeps eluding me.

I stare at the sands,
Glistening in the soft silvery gleams,
Of the shining moon.
The occassional call of some nocturnal bird,
Calling its mate, is the only sound,
Breaking the stillness of the night.

I finally take my brush,
Dipping it into my palette,
I just close my eyes,
Letting my instincts guide my hand.

I continue my painting in my trance,
Opening my eyes to look at the canvas.
A face stares back at me-
A face from my childhood.
A pretty face from my past.

I continued to look at my painting-
And I realized-
That she still held,
A place in my heart.

Years have passed,
Since I saw her last,
Dressed in her bridal attire.
I no longer know,
Where she lives,
Or what she does.
Perhaps I can meet her.

Then again I wonder-
Some things are better,
Left unsaid and unwritten.
Like my unrequited love for her.

Perhaps she too,
In a small corner of her heart,
Has a special place for me.
I shall be happy with that notion.
And continue to be like this......


Aswin Kini said...

A wonderfull poem right out of the heart, buddy!
I don't want to be formal, but I guess I rather not say anything about this now!

"I continued to look at my painting-
And I realized-
That she still held,
A place in my heart.
I know how it feels, I know how it hurts.
Cheer up buddy! Although it's difficult, there will be better things to come! That's all I wish to say!

mahesh said...

Don't worry dude this is just a poem.

The past is in its past.
All done, all over, all forgotten.
Why aren't you posting stuff on your blog man?

Use the facilities provided to you, when you are logging non-billable hours:)

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