Friday, January 09, 2009


How the wings of time fly,
To be a king one day-
Reduced to a pauper on another.
It was a Wednesday unlike all others.

The dreams of thousands crashed,
As one man confessed,
To a heinous crime,
At a most unfortunate time.

He had misused the trust-
And money that thousands-
Had entrusted with him.
The future is dark and dim.

Will justice be denied yet again?
As the rich and powerful,
Continue to make a mockery-
Of the laws of the land........

This was written in the aftermath of Satyam Raju's confession of misappropriation of funds.

The future is bleak for the thousands employed across Satyam's various branches.

The point to be noted is Global Trust Bank which had a similar fiasco some years back and Satyam-the shares of both these companies were traded aggressively by Ketan Parekh who rigged the stock market.

As more skeletons tumble out will SEBI and the government finally open their eyes and take stringent and prompt action.

I doubt, because in India if you have money, power, and have the right connections you can get away with anything.

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