Monday, February 02, 2009

Conversations, Ruminations, Exasperations and Frustrations!:]

mahesh: hi ashwin

aswin.ganesh: hi buddy

mahesh: i will check into the openings u sent

aswin.ganesh: okie
sure da
All the best
There are lots of openingfs
You are in a meeting and yet active

mahesh: just came back man
someone else pinged

aswin.ganesh: :)
So, is the situation back to normal

mahesh: yedho company meeting today
CEO will be addressing
let us see what happens

aswin.ganesh: pakkalam
Hope it isn't another bullshit "We are forced to do...." thing

mahesh: will let u know man

aswin.ganesh: sure

mahesh: will be
as of now job is safe

aswin.ganesh: whatever happens, the end result will be good da

mahesh: next cut will be three months later

aswin.ganesh: well, is that good news or bad news :O i am still wondering
Anyways, don;t you worry
Your elearning background will always come to your rescue

mahesh: i am not very worried man

aswin.ganesh: :)

mahesh: even if they fire no problem

aswin.ganesh: Good

mahesh: 1 month's salary
time to search for a good job

aswin.ganesh: Yup, you will get a good job anytime da

mahesh: no need to worry about notice period too

aswin.ganesh: Not even recession can stop ya

mahesh: i keep looking at the positives

aswin.ganesh: Yes

mahesh: if nothing comes to nothing
i will start free-lancing
with photos and movie reviews
if that too goes for a toss
i will join palakkad mani iyer's catering service

aswin.ganesh: dei dei dei
Podhum da

mahesh: michel madana kama rajan

aswin.ganesh: Oh

mahesh: taangalaya

aswin.ganesh: then find a bride like OOrvashi yeah ;)

mahesh: seri velaiya paaru
ha ha ha
dei someone better

aswin.ganesh: Dei naan velaiya thaan da parthuttu irukken
Multi-tasking u see

mahesh: summa thamasu

aswin.ganesh: :)
I want to try for the post of CEO for Satyam
Wanna join

mahesh: vendam pa

aswin.ganesh: yenda

mahesh: teakadai nadathi poichukiren

aswin.ganesh: ha ha ha

mahesh: low investment maximum returns

aswin.ganesh: he he he
Naa kodutha idea'avai yenakke solraya

mahesh: hi da
conversation is too comical

aswin.ganesh: huh

mahesh: i am putting this as a post

aswin.ganesh: oh oh

mahesh: becoz u r not blogging

aswin.ganesh: seri super

mahesh: i want your name to come on blogspot

aswin.ganesh: You see I left my brain at the banl

mahesh: my free service to you

aswin.ganesh: thank you sire

mahesh: we can be like cho and nagesh of blogspot
or laurel and hardy

aswin.ganesh: He He He/hahahaha

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