Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Judiciary versus the Police

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I sensed something amiss when the bus going to Broadway took a detour. Instead of going via the Secretariat and Madras High Court the bus took the road adjacent to the Government General Hospital to reach Broadway. The road was blocked and there was heavy police security. The stretch from Broadway busstand to Parrys corner was dark as all shops had closed their shutters. Traffic was practically closed.

I learnt from other commuters that a big fight had broken out between the lawyers and the police and C.R.P.F. and additional police reinforcements had been called in.

I decided to take one of the narrow lanes that criscross the Parrys area to reach Beach station. There was silence and darkness and even the stray dogs seemed to have gone in to hiding. I was walking along with four other men returning home from work when we heard a shout behind us.

To our horror a bunch of law college students about 15 in number were running shouting obscenities. The five us were shocked and immediately ran in to one of the open doorways and pulled the shutters down.

I never ever thought that I would be in such a situation. Mob violence is a serious thing. When both the lawyers and the policemen go crazy no one is safe.

Fifteen minutes later we raised the shutters and walked quickly to the Beach Railway Station.

The video clips on the news channels showed the magnitude of the violence of the infuriated lawyers and policemen.

If this is the state of affairs, nobody can save us!

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