Tuesday, February 17, 2009

V-Day, Fever, Movies, Insecurity, and Bride-Hunting

Well so another Valentine's Day has come and gone. By the grace of a couple of my friends some really fiery discussions thru' e-mail happened. Nothing important but then some people do not understand humour and I better stop using "superfluous" words and take care of my punctuation marks while drafting e-mails.

I never celebrated V-Day as I never had a Valentine. Last year was an exception(2008) when I was too damn confused to figure out if it was infatuation or true love.
By the time I figured out it was love on my part the chapter was already closed by the "other party."

This year I was bundled at home with a nasty cold and fever. I popped Paracetamols and Erythromycins while half the world was feasting on cakes and starwberry milkshakes.

I saw some movies on my DVD player. I saw "Rock-n-Rolla," "Revolutionary Road," "Charade," and "From Here to Eternity."

There is a definite feeling of insecurity. People at the office are glued to their desks semingly trying to focus on their work. There have been assurances that no more lay-offs will happen. But you never know!

I don't know what the future holds. It seems a couple of horoscopes matched. Now the next round of discussions have been initiated and there is a genuine possibility of an "official sighting" in March. I will be travelling to Kolkatta in March for a family function and it seems the conspiracy to conduct my marriage will reach the next level there.

Wish me luck folks!

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Aswin Kini said...

Ha ha ha, so you will finally get jacked in Kolkata. Do bring us Rasagullas and other sweets when you come back :D

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