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Armored-Starring Jean Reno, Lawrence Fishburne, Matt Dillon, Amaury Nolasco and others.

Directed by Nimrod Antal.

Interesting premise!

Exploring the gamut of emotions among men when a huge amount of money is involved.

A story about a group of federal officers who transport money from the main office to the banks. A cross-section of American cultures, there is the Hispanic, the Italian and the Afro-American and the white-guy.

They decide to rob the two vans divide the money amongst themselves and flee.

Complications arise when the group hides the money present in one van in an old abandoned factory.

An old man sees the group and is shot dead.

One man among the officers is aghast at the killing and locks himself up in the second van with the remaining money.

Now begins a cat and mouse game between a single man who listens to his conscience and the remaining gang-members.

Narrated in a believable manner it describes the lengths to which we stoop down when large sums of money are involved.

What happens? Is the lone-man killed? Does the gang get all the money?

Watch the movie for answers.

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