Monday, March 08, 2010

The Edge of Darkness


Based on a popular BBC T.V. series, the Mel Gibson starrer is enjoyable in parts.
Gibson plays the role of Inspector Craven, he plans to meet his daughter who is interning at Northwood Enterprises. The movie starts with videos of his daughter as a child.

His daughter Emma look frail and the two prepare for dinner. Emma eats a bit of the dinner and suddenly starts bleeding from the nose and the mouth. Mel rushes to take her to the doctor and opens the door. A masked assailant shouts "Craven" and shoots Emma who dies in Mel's arms.

The mystery starts building. Initially it is suspected that Mel was the target. Slowly bits and pieces of Emma's troubled work-life are revealed and Mel finds out that the corrupt bosses at Northwood, a senator and many important people are involved in an illegal act. Emma wanted to reveal this and paid with her life.

What was the illegal activity at Northwood? What were the implications? Who was the masked assailant?

Watch the movie for answers.

Could have been a bit more gripping. Some scenes are well-shot and some decent hide-and-seek chases involving Mel and the "corrupt lot" are filmed.

Can be seen once!

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