Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Two of my very good friends-
Siva and Sudha got married last week.
Here is a toast to the couple.

May God shower his blessings on them as they begin a new chapter in their lives.



sevitha said...

yeah, me too wishing them a Very Happy Married Life. Wish to see everyone. Let me see if i can pull everyone for a day out.

Tornado said...

No, yaar. You might not have been invited. In fact, today is their marriage day. Btw, they are not your good friends as u still think.

mahesh said...

Hi Tornado,

I have an inkling of a doubt that confirms who you are?

Life is all about forgiving others and the misunderstandings that we have with them.

Let us forget the past and bless the couple for a great married life.

Have you joined some place yet?

And is SP2-Scientific Publishing?


Tornado said...

Dude, it can't be a one-way traffic and there must be realization from the wrongdoers even if "the wronged" are is ready to forgive and forget. Anyway, they can't keep getting away with their atrocious acts forever - any object that is thrown up is bound to come down (and bound to come down crashing too). Well, whether you have an inkling of a doubt or an iota of a doubt, it is up to you to guess (guess correctly rather) who the undersigned is. However, it will be like guessing who the "Fake IPL Player" is. You may call me "Fake CE" until you unmask me if I can say so!!! Finally, I've not joined SPS as they are stingy fellows. Have a nice weekend! Watch out for more from me.

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