Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mom & Me

How the years have flown by!

I have always been mother's little kid who was admonished for not reciting the slokas during evening prayers or not washing my feet after returning from playing cricket.

Growing up in the absence of my father, it was my uncle who brought me up. Everyone used to fear and admire uncle. The only person who would argue with uncle was mother. Being his youngest sister she always found a way to convince him that she was right and he was wrong.

Uncle is in other city now with his family and I am all alone with my mom. I sometimes get frightened wondering if she is all right. If her sugar-count has gone up and she is having panic atacks?

Don't know but with each passing day I am getting paranoid and keep worrying about my mother.

Yesterday she was very ill and I had to rush her to the doctor.

By God's grace and the doctor's medicines she is better now.

I pray that she regains good health. The emotional trauma that she has undergone through all these years has left a permanent scar.

I try helping her and comfort her but she still keeps worrying!

Life goes on and I worry what would happen if something happened to me?

Who would take care of her?

Or if something happened to her how will the void be filled?

Life is strange. With the years rolling by and as she gets weaker and tired more often, I keep praying that I fulfill her dream of buying my own house and that she stays in it.

Let us see what happens!

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