Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Dork the debut novel by Sidin Vadukut is funny. Clear semi-autobiographical touches are visible:)

The hero Robin Einstein Vargheese an IIM graduate gets a job at Dufersene Consultants and lands up in Mumbai.

The tension among the new joinees, the confusion, ass-kissing in top management, office politics, attempted office romance, crazy HR policies, endless project meetings, the messy PowerPoint presentations, on-site visits, the Blackberry:)... everything has a mention.

The novel appears in the form of a diary and has its moments of brilliance. The story progresses and with a lot of "willful suspension of disbelief" we accept lot of stuff.

But the climax :( well somehow did not do justice to the beginning.

Worth reading once, when you just want to relax, unwind and laugh a little.

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