Sunday, September 14, 2008

Delhi Blasts


SIMI and the Indian Mujahideen struck Delhi yesterday as five blasts ripped different places in Delhi, thankfully a sixth bomb was defused near Regal cinema, or the number of dead would have been more.


Atleast 30 people are dead and around 120 people are injured.


So while the politicians are breaking their heads over a nuclear agreement, terrorists are striking at will in different parts of the country.


Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Surat and now Delhi, so which city is going to be targetted next.


Is Shivraj Patil-honourable home minister planning to use the same reports that were issued after the Bangalore and Ahmedabad blasts?


It is time that POTA or a similar act is brought once again into place.


National morale is at an all time low and fear looms large in the mind of the common man.


No one knows when the  next terror attack will happen?


May the souls of the victims who died in the blasts rest in peace.

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