Sunday, September 14, 2008



Manager: Hello there take a seat. Sorry to keep you waiting.


Max-(With a fake smile, bloody fellow kept me waiting for more than an hour)-No problem.


Manager-So you are working with SS Earnley, why do you want to quit your job?


Max-Well there are lots of reasons, two important ones are the tiring night shifts and a lack of proper vertical growth.


Manager-(Looks at Max's CV) Oh! you worked as an ID with XXX, tell me something about ID.


Max compresses the core of ID principles in a nutshell and gives a lecture for 5 minutes, the Manager is impressed but totally lost.


Manager-(Stares at Max for a while) Good you gave a good explanation(Max is sure that the manager did not understand head or tail.)


Manager-OK you can meet the HR Manager, I am through, best of luck.


Max is made to wait for another half an hour before he meets the HR Manager.


HR Manager-So what do you know about our company?


Max-Recollects and recounts the data he had carefully gathered from google the previous night.


HR Manager-I am impressed by your knowledge. So what is your current CTC?


Max-Mentions the amount.


HR Manager-So what is your expected CTC?


Max-30% more than my current CTC.


HR Manager-See you have to understand we are not a BPO, you get such high salaries because of night shifts, no night shifts here, alternate Saturdays holidays, gift vouchers on your birthday, and a defined growth plan.


Max-(Obviously getting frustrated by the HR Manager's monologue) So what salary can you offer me?


HR Manager-Rs 5000/- less than your current CTC. Think it over and send me an e-mail.


Max-Thank you.


End of conversation and interview.

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Aswin Kini said...

I think it's time that people started recognising genuine talent for their company. Very few organizations recognize the need for investing in good talent. Nobody has futuristic vision. This manager from XYZ organization happens to be the best example.

Max, machi, I am sorry da, I think you should think twice before attending interviews in such companies. I can understand how you are feeling, because i have felt the same more than once. All i can say is "Wish ya better luck, I am sure you will find a damn good job".

PS: Elearning ain't a bad field as you feel, you can still find good jobs that feed your pocket as well as provide you food for your thoughts. Why not give it another try???? Pardon me if Iam wrong.

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