Monday, September 15, 2008

Job hunting

Job hunting on a serious front, nothing seems to click, everywhere it is the same response-"Sir, you are already being grossly overpaid for what you are doing?"
If things go on at this rate, I might once again go back to writing stuff like-"At the end of this course the learner will...."

Let us see what happens...

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Aswin Kini said...

"Grossly Overpaid for what you are doing", dei, two things are sure, one is that you are going to the wrong sort of companies; number two is that you are skipping many good jobs that offer ya way better than what you ask?

By the way, why do ya despise Elearing so much da, it isn't that boring and morever, you have lot of companies that offer you good pay as well as good and creative work environment. Why not give it a try again? AFterall, why don't you try something that worked for 1.5 years?

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