Tuesday, September 02, 2008


He stood on the beach, silent and sad, he took another swig from his bottle of rum, the drink felt bitter, it was his third bottle of the day, and he was drinking to forget her. He stared at the sea and thought of the evenings the two of them had walked together hand in hand, admiring each other discussing a common future.

All those were just memories now; she had left him, gone. Not even a hint, that she was leaving him, no message, no e-mail, no goodbye, she had just dumped him. A colleague said that her marriage had been fixed and she had left for her native village.

He had been devastated when he heard the news, even mulling suicide. Then he comforted himself-“Let her out of your heart man, maybe I didn’t deserve her.”

He finished the bottle of rum, walking dangerously close to the sea, and flung the empty bottle into the sea.

He cried out loud, “Have a great married life.”

He collapsed on the sand exhausted and intoxicated.

Three days later some fishermen found his body that had washed ashore.

One more love story that ended on a sorry note.

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