Thursday, May 07, 2009

Another Resignation!

"I am sending my resignation through this e-mail. It has been a great pleasure to work under your guidance and leadership, but I guess it is time for me to move on to a more challenging assignment. Please send this e-mail to HR so that the relieving procedures can be put into action and I am relieved at the end of my notice period."

Well folks that was my resignation e-mail. Is it a moment of madness in this recession? I do not know. I guess it will be forwarded to HR and I might be relieved in the first week of June. It has been fun working here and I have met a wide range of people and have had the best boss so far in my stint with various companies.

I am moving back to my core area of expertise Instructional Design. The field has changed in this gap of 2 years and there have been lots of improvements and changes in the various associated models and theories of learning. Lots of new tools and technologies have come in to vogue too.

So like the Prodigal Son returning to his father's house I have chosen to return to Instructional Design. Will keep you posted on all updates!

Wish me luck folks!

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