Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Eventful Day

E-mail 1

There is a bomb scare at XXXX.The bomb squad has been summoned to carry out necessary precautionary checkup.

YYY is coordinating with them and they have informed us that there is no need for panic. They are in constant touch with us. We request all of you to maintain your calm and carry on with your work.

E-mail 2

Dear All,

With reference to our previous mail on the subject, the bomb squad has declared that the building is safe and informed that it was a hoax call.

We thank all the associates for the spirit displayed and the co-operation extended.

Well folks to cut a long story short, some chap who needed a break from his monotonous job called the building administration office and said that a bomb has been planted. All mayhem broke out and the building was quickly evacuated and the bomb squad, dog squad and the police were called in. Our company decided to remain silent as the smokers gang spotted the sudden rush of people trooping out from other floors. A while later the first e-mail confirmed our worst fears. But even then no signs of evacuation and the blokes joked about "End of Days" and "The Apocalypse." Some of the women staff were really worried and began to panic.

Two hours later some of the brave guys went out and found out there was no danger. Another two hours later we received the second e-mail.

Now just imagine if the hoax had been real. Well I cannot imagine anything. Any way the folks at the company are a sporting lot and continue to work without too much complaints. A great company and its brave employees.

I traded on the stock exchange today. Spent close to Rs 2000 and already I am running a loss of Rs 300. Hope things turn for the better tomorrow.

Folks Chennai are thru' to the semis with a win over Kings XI Punjab in yesterday's low-scoring spinners'-thriller.

This was my post no. 400.

Thanks to the encouragement of my beloved readers and friends.

Thanks Ashwin (Common Man Dreamer), Priya (cool dudette), Kavitha (The Book-Lover), Sowmitha (Editorial Trainer and dog-lover), Siva(handsome rocker), Sudha(wish you posted an actual comment), Sevi(Great News Soon).

Thanks again everybody!


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Oh I love that tag, 'Book lover'... congratulations on your 400th post. The bomb scare sounds funny actually, I can imagine the blokes joking about it. And I am so damn glad for the team in Yellow, keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the tournament. May the best team win...

priloza said...

Behind you all the way, buddy.

mahesh said...

Thanks Kavitha and Priya.

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