Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is Prabhakaran Dead?

The struggle in Sri Lanka has ended! Or is it the beginning of another struggle? The bloody war against terrorism and the Tamil cause has cost close to 80000 lives on both sides. In addition to several high-profile assassinations and the first suicide bomb killing of India's former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. What started as a fight for a real cause, lost its initial impetus as the LTTE slowly morphed into a demon led by a leader who lost sight of his original mission.

News came in yesterday that Prabhakaran had been killed but no photos were released. This morning photos were circulated with Prabhakaran's dead body. He had been shot in the head above the eyes, very similar to Veerappan's end. The real struggle will start now and the government led by Rajapakse has to ensure that the Tamil people are not abused.

Let us see how things go about in the island nation. Supporters continue to claim that Prabhakaran is alive and the dead body is of a decoy/dummy. Only the Lord knows the truth and perhaps Prabhakaran too.

We can only wish that the country stabilises itself. The Sri Lankan army inspite of all the claims by agencies of harming civilians has done a thorough job. Why can't India with more resources and a powerful well-equipeed army put a stop to the cross-border terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir?

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