Tuesday, May 05, 2009

DVD Reviews

Well I guess more reviews are headed your way! You folks must be wondering how does this guy get time to see so many movies! Well I just manage my time-the same 24 hours that God has provided to everyone is what I get too. No more philosophy. The reviews follow:


Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Frederick Forsyth this is a fast-paced thriller with the tension building slowly. A Nazi plot to regain power, a secret society called the Odessa, a group trying to infiltrate the Odessa, a journalist who discovers the truth based on the suicide of an old Jew. Lot of plots and sub-plots ending in a shootout. Starring Jon Voight as the journalist Peter this is a definite must-watch. Shot on location in Europe good cinematography and simple but interesting action sequences keep up the tempo of the movie.


Star Cast-Stephen Dorff, Val Kilmer and Harold Perinneau.
Director-Ric Roman Waugh.

This is the saga of a man who ends up in jail after accidentally killing a burglar. The ramifications of his action on his family and his personal life are brought out well. In prison a sadistic warden creates a mini=arena of sorts where the prisoners indulge in fighting with each other to remain alive. The movie shows the bitter truth about life and racist divisions American prisons. Val Kilmer gets a solid role as Stephen's protector and old-timer in prison. A grim looking movie with excellent performances by all.

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