Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The race for the IPL semi-finals heats up as Rajasthan Royals play the Kolkata Knightriders and Kings XI Punjab play the Chennai Super Kings. CSK had a rude wake up call when Mc Cullum and Hodge blasted the CSK bowlers to snatch an awesome victory by overhauling the improbabale 189-run target.

The Royals are on to a horrible start and are at 46/4 in the seventh over now. If Chennai win today then they will not have to worry about run rates. The way Kumble-led Bangalore Royal Challengers are playing I think net run-rates will play a big part in deciding the final 4. Let us see what happens.

In other cricket news-England defeated West Indies to retain the Wisden Trophy. Chris Gayle has a lot of introspection to do now after his T:20 v/s Test cricket comments. Symmonds has been left out of the Australian squad for the Ashes. India will play Pakistan in an invitational T:20 at the Oval before the ICC T:20 World Cup.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

well, we won... way to go Chennai Super Kings.

mahesh said...

Yes, we won a really unbelievable low-scoring thriller. At the end of the CSK innings I was sure we would be losing the match.

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