Tuesday, May 05, 2009

DVD Reviews

It has been a while since I posted movie reviews here So folks get ready for a bunch of reviews.


Star Cast-Jon Finch, Barry Foster, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Anna Massey, Alec McCowen.

This Alfred Hitchcock classic is about a serial murderer who rapes women and strangles them with a silk tie. The movie has a scene in which the killer puts the corpse of a woman in a sack and loads the sack on to a van carrying potato sacks. Then he realizes that his tie-pin is missing and returns to the van and hunts for the sack with the corpse. The van starts moving an he panics and struggles in trying to retrieve the pin. A well-made thriller.


This Brendan Fraser movie is a nice fantasy tale. Based on the best-selling Inkheart series of novels. It describes the adventures of a book-doctor(Fraser) who has the power to bring characters to life when he reads aloud. A well-made movie thorough family-fare for the long summer.


Starring Adam Sandler this Walt Disney production has a similar premise like Inkheart. Sandler works as a handyman in a massive luxury hotel which was built on the site of his father's old motel. Sandler gets to baby-sit his nephew and niece and when he tells them stories the next day it happens to him. A good family-movie.


Star Cast-Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Richard O'Brien

Directed by Alex Proyas this 1998 movie went surprisingly unnoticed. Imagine you wake up in a hotel having no memory of what you are and what you do. You find the corpse of a young woman in your room and you are on the run. The police wants you a young woman claims to be your wife and a sinister group of bald-headed men are out to kill you. To add to the confusion a strange psychiatrist also follows you. What is the mystery? Watch this movie to find the answers. The suspense quotient is high and the dark locales are complimented by the stunning cinematography and massive sets.

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