Saturday, May 09, 2009


In celebration of the "Living Divine" dedicated to all Mothers and of course my Mother.


You sheltered me,
In your womb.
So that I could see,
The light of this world.

You nourished me,
With your love and care.
Ever present to help me.
Guide me when I was confused.
Comfort me when I was frightened.

You were there to comfort me,
In my failures,
Be it in exams or in love.
A story to put me to sleep,
When I was a little boy.

In my troubled teens,
When I was confused!
And on the verge of entering the troubled vortex,
Of a life of crime.
You reiterated the importance of "Good Company."
I brushed away your advice and paid the price for it.

Even then-you stood by me.
And guided me to recovery.
Nursing my wounds both physical and mental.
I am what I am!
Because of your love and care.

If there were an after-life!
My only plea to God!
Would be to make me a woman!
So that I can undergo the pain and suffering that you felt!
And be a loving mother to my child!

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