Friday, August 15, 2008


I woke up in the morning,

And I realized it is August 15–Independence Day.

Does it make me happy?

Does it make me sad?

I do not know!

A few thoughts that I want to share-

There is pollution everywhere,

There is corruption to the core,

Terrorism and violence everywhere,

A bomb blast here, a bomb blast there;

No value for human life anywhere.

The martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the nation.

Cry in their graves looking at the sad situation.

Once upon a time,

We had leaders like Gandhi, Nehru, and Subash Chandra Bose.

Today we have a bunch of crooks that are no better than horse-traders,

Changing their parties for the colour of money.

In spite of all these problems,

The common man continues to fight,

To struggle and succeed,

In this land of dreams and opportunities,

Hoping for a better tomorrow,

That is the spirit of the true Indian-

To hope against hope-

And persevere to succeed.

Here is a prayer for all the martyrs.

Another prayer for an India undivided.

An India without casteism and communalism.

An India where everyone is happy and free.

An India where everyone is respected and leads a life of freedom and dignity.

Let us hope that India Tomorrow,

Is much better than India Today.

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