Friday, August 08, 2008

As expected Kuselan has flopped. All the hype and hoopla surrounding the movie is dying down as worried cinema hall owners are desperately trying to usher in the audience.
The usual mammoth opening for Superstar's movie ensured that the movie had a fabulous opening. The truth is that P.Vasu has raped Srinivasan's classic "Katha Parayumbol" in which Mammooty had a cameo, to produce a remake in which the story focuses too much on Rajnikant.
If copy cat P.Vasu had stayed faithful to the original I am sure the movie would have been a hit. Pasupathi the hero of the movie hardly gets any place in the posters. It is all about boosting star egos, if Dashavatharam showcased Kamal's vanity, Kuselan unwittingly parodies Rajnikant. In "Sivaji" it was the horrendous blond wig, here it is outlandishly colored costumes, figure hugging jeans.
Acting wise the movie showcases the talents of Pasupathy and Rajnikant. Meena overacts and Nayantara titillates the masses with her dare bare rain dance act.
The last twenty minutes create emotional mayhem; the movie could have been much much better.
G.V. Prakash after a brilliant show in "Veyil" disappoints in "Kuselan." The music gives the impression of "I have already heard this."
Once again as for Dashavtharam I refrain from rating the movie.
The biggest joke is Priyadarshan another copy cat commenting on P.Vasu's failed attempt at trying to copy the magic of "Katha Parayumbol."
The pot calling the kettle black.":)

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