Saturday, August 30, 2008

Jai Hanuman
Our locality is being troubled by a troop of monkeys for the past two weeks. Earlier we would have rare visits by the naughty troop, say once a month, but this time there are about 20 monkeys, who have decided to disrupt the normal flow of life of the residents of our locality. Yesterday the monkeys destroyed our garden. The guavas have been plucked and eaten, the unripe bananas are eaten, the jasmine plants destroyed beyond recognition, it is an endless tale of havoc and destruction.
The tenant living on the first floor cursed the monkeys when she discovered that the monkeys had eaten the vethal/vadams that were left to be dried on the terrace.
Tommy and Jo Jo the two dogs that stay in our compound have got a severe ego-bashing from the monkeys. The young ones are extremely mischievous they sit on the fence and dangle their tails enticingly, Tommy and Jo Jo try to bite them but the clever monkeys pull their tails up, at that moment another monkey comes from behind and pull the ears or the tail of Tommy and Jo Jo.
Some people tried bursting fire crackers to drive the monkeys away, but they keep coming in increasing numbers every day. It seems we will have to call the Forest Department and ask them to catch the monkeys and release them in the woods.

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