Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some Phobias...
We all have our private list of fears/phobias. I am listing a few of mine:
1-Fear that I have walked into a ladies' restroom; this started in seventh standard, we had been to another school for a competition, and one of my friends walked into the girls' restroom by mistake, it created a near scandal. Thankfully the incident was not reported, I always double check that I am entering the mens' restroom.
2-The fly is open:) Well this is something that all men can relate to; no further explanations.
3-The trousers getting split; this started during a local cricket match, in my over-enthusiasm to catch the ball, I tried to leap like Jonty Rhodes-I tore my trousers, thankfully I caught the ball, and more importantly I was wearing shorts inside.:)
4-Being asked to pay the bill at the restaurant, and suddenly realizing that someone has picked my pocket or I have forgotten to bring my wallet.
5-The fear of lizards.
6-The fear of Maths teachers.

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