Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lines for Her.....
Your silence continues to haunt me;
Why this silence?
I do not know.
Have distances created barriers?
I do not know.
Are you angry with me?
I do not know.
Have you been forbidden to speak to me?
I do not know.
Have you forgotten me?
I do not know.
All that I know-
Is that I love you.
Nothing less, nothing more.
All I know is that "I Love You."
I want to hold your hand,
Walk on the beach,
In the golden sands.
Enjoy the sunrise and the sunset,
With you by my side.
Is it too much to ask?
I do not know.
Will you ever realize,
How much you mean to me?
I do not know.
Perhaps I am too late!
That is life!
Another chance perhaps.....
I do not know.
Somewhere, sometime, maybe in another life and another time-
You will be mine.
©Mahesh 2008.

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