Friday, December 05, 2008

Good Luck and Good Bye

There was a guy.
There was a girl.
They were friends for long.
Somewhere down the line.
They fell in love.

They hid their feelings from each other.
Wondering what the other would think.
The guy got a ring.
Planning to propose to the girl.

He thought-
One day I am going to give it to her.
I will fall on my knees,
And propose to her.

Time flew by...
They lost contact with each other.
Both were busy with their professional lives.
The guy kept trying to meet her.

But somehow the girl no longer bothered.
He could never fathom why.
Then he got a surprise.
When she landed up at his house.

He was too surprised to speak.
She looked as beautiful as ever.
He kept staring at her confused for words.
She gave him a card, and added-

"Do come for my wedding."

He smiled at her and wished her luck.
She left and he stood dejected.
He cried for a while and then smiled.
He took out the ring and smiled again.

The wedding day dawned.
He was dressed in his finest,
And wished the newly married couple the best.
He said to her..

"I have a small gift for you."
He took out the ring,
And gave it to her.
For a moment there was silence.

As they stared at each other.
Lost for words.
Wondering why this had to happen.
She thanked him.

He said "Good Luck and Good Bye"


priloza said...

Ok, dude, whatever you do, don't give her the ring; save it for the next girl in your life. Trust me on this one man, I speak with your best interests at heart.

mahesh said...

Hi prilz thank for that bit of feedback. I will do that the platinum ring will go only to my future-wife.

Aswin Kini said...

I second Priloza's thoughts!!!
As for the post, it was very touching. Sometimes, I feel as if it gave me a sense of deja vu for some reason.

Why does this happen only to people who love truly?????

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