Friday, December 26, 2008

Remembering Moksh....

Mate! I know you are up there in the skies looking at the foolish antics of the gang down here. Mark got married this week. Arul and Towfik could not make it to the party. It was left to me to enliven the proceedings. I sung a song at a gathering after a really long time. Mark joined me too to the surprise of everyone. He started playing the drums and suddenly the flow came back. I sung "I will be there for you" remember it was the first song that all of us performed together. At the end of it there was lot of applause but no one could figure out why Mark and me were crying.

Moksh! even in your death you signified that we could be good and help each other. It was horrible to watch you die, with me on the bed next to you. I could hardly move with all the tubes and bottles attached to me. I don't know when I went into my anaesthetic-induced sleep. When my surgery had been done Arul said that you were dead. I wanted to cry but the tears did not flow. There was just silence and dejection.

The band broke, we went about with our studies, all of us have jobs now. Mark is in Bangalore. Towfik is in Delhi and Arul is in Sydney working on his research project.
I still look at the photos on Sunday afternoons and remember our jamming sessions. How Arul's dad would join us and sing with us. Mark's mother preparing sandwiches and cakes for us.

Mate! take care of all of us.
The gang salutes you as always!

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