Thursday, December 04, 2008


Never ever did I dream in my worst nightmares that I would be writing this about the Quantum of Solace.

The movie had raised a million expectations after the intense tension built by the superhit Casino Royale.

Daniel Craig carries on from where he left in his first outing.
Sadly the second movie in his portrayal of Bond is full of car chases, motorboat chases, bomb blasts, and that is about it.

The movie is no beter than any B-Grade bang and fight thriller coming from Bangkok or Bombay.

I don't know but Craig seems to have aged a lot and looks frighteningly wooden in some scenes.

Olga the Russian lady does a good job and 'M' Dame Helen Mirren is as good as ever.

The villain the environmentalist billionaire is the weakest Bond villains ever.

The movie is a box-office hit worldwide. It disappoints the purist Bond lover.
I hope the next installment in the franchise is better.

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priloza said...

It was awful, wasn't it. I didn't think Daniel Craig could bore me as much as he did.

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